Monday, 9 January 2017

Dear Baby; Week Twenty Seven

Dear Baby,

I feel like an elephant. I have such a hard time bending over to tie my shoes and trying to get comfortable at any given time. You are getting so big. It is hard to imagine that my belly is going to keep getting bigger, but it is true!

You are obsessed with my right side ribs. Seriously. You never stop kicking and squirming against my rib cage. It is the strangest and coolest feeling ever. I keep worrying that you are going to break one of my ribs when you get a little stronger. When I was a baby in my mommy's belly I fractured one of her ribs by kicking her, and she still loves me. So don't worry, if you do any damage I will still love you with all of my heart! So you keep practicing those big kicks and punches and whatever you need to do to keep busy in there. We only have 3 months to go!

I am keeping busy by making you a blanket. I haven't made anything like it before, but I know how to crochet a bit and decided to make you something. It is actually looking so good! I really hope you like it!

I am also keeping busy by making some freezer meals to have when you take up all of my energy and time and I don't feel like cooking for a while. Our freezer is stockpiled and I am going to be ready to give you my full attention and love!

We bought a little dresser/change table, and a rocking chair for your nursery last week. Your room is really looking like a nursery now. When I go in there I can easily imagine you smiling up at me from your crib. And when I sit in the rocking chair I can easily imagine holding you there in the wee hours of the night as I fight to keep my eyes open and try to get you to close yours.

Your daddy is getting so excited to meet you. He keeps saying that he is just so ready to hold you in his arms. I can't wait for you to know the love of a father. It is something I missed out on when I was a child and I praise God all the time that you are going to have a daddy who adores you.

We keep trying to guess what you are going to be like. Girl or boy, shy or outgoing, artistic or sporty, or both, tall or short, curvy like me or thin like your dad. We love guessing but we know you will completely surprise us. There is no way we could guess all that you will be. What is cool is that God knows, completely. He has you all planned out! I can't wait to see what kind of incredible masterpiece He has created in you.

Hold tight baby.

Love, Mommy.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Christmas Music Favourites

Let me just start by saying, I love music always, and Christmas time is no exception. Good music does something for me that nothing else can. I am not particularly picky with music. I think almost every genre has something incredible to offer if you look for it. For Christmas music specifically, I enjoy more chill and singer/songwriter type stuff. I will keep today's post short and sweet. I am just going to share my favorite Christmas music albums. Just click on the links under the album art if you want to check them out! I hope you enjoy!

By the way, as an added bonus, the last one is Justin Bieber. No Shame.

Honestly, I know there are some people who find this guy's voice too unique
but I can't get enough of it. This album is super chill and relaxing
through some of the tracks but upbeat and cheery for others. The complexity of
his sound is super impressive.

I find this album super irresistible because there is nothing like a good harmony.
Michael Gungor and his wife harmonize together in a very unique and satisfying way.

This album is so fun to listen to! There is so much going on with layers of vocals
and instruments that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, but at the
 same time absolutely perfect. It definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Justin Bieber - Under The Mistletoe

Justin Beiber is obviously not for everyone, but this album is just so awesome. When
I want to just listen to something fun and maybe even a little dance-inspiring
 during the Christmas season, this is my go-to. 

I would love to hear what you like to listen to during the Christmas season! Let me know in the comments! 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Walks To The Diner

On Friday, Jordan and I walked to the diner down the street from our home. We recently moved into a new neighborhood and had done a little exploring a few weeks back that led us to this diner. To be honest, it looked a bit like a dive at first glance. But we said since it was a literal 3-minute walk from our new home we would definitely have to check it out. So we did! And we were very very happy that we did. 

The place is called Hathaway's Diner and it has thee best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life. Once we had discovered this it did not take us long to return. On Friday we returned for another taste of the pancakes we could not forget about. 

It was a beautiful day, albeit freezing cold, and the sun was shining causing us to be slightly blinded by the glare off of the snow. Hand in hand we walked down the street as our faces froze solid with huge grins that could not be undone. 


Walks with Jordan are one of my favorite things in this world, no matter the temperature. We are a little worried that this diner will take over our lives because it is so close and so adorable and so delicious. We sat there and talked about how one day soon we will be able to walk here with our little baby and have breakfast on a Saturday morning. We can't wait.

I titled this post 'Walks to the Diner' because I am quite sure there will be more to come. If you are in Edmonton, and have never been to Hathaway's, definitely look it up! You won't regret it. (Not a sponsor, haha).

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot, coffee shop, or restaurant that you wish everyone would try? We are open to recommendations! Let me know in the comments!